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Securus Technologies Video Visitation Positively Impacts Recidivism Rates

One of the major concerns within the criminal justice system in the United States is the matter of offender recidivism. The stark reality is that a conservable percentage of incarcerated individuals will end up reoffending, oftentimes within three years of returning to the community.


Professionals involved in corrections are constantly trying to find solutions to the problem of offender recidivism. Securus Technologies understands the problem and has taken an active role in developing technological solutions that have the potential for lowering the recidivism rate in the United States.


One unique and powerful solution developed by Securus Technologies is Video Visitation. Video Visitation advances traditional correctional institution visitation programs. Through Video Visitation, inmates and loved ones have more opportunities to have meaningful visits.


Research consistently reveals that key strategy that lowers the odds of an incarcerated offender committing new crimes when released is the maintenance of meaningful relationships with family and friends while in prison or jail. Securus Technologies Video Visitation ensures that these types of relations are fostered while a person is incarcerated.


A growing number of correctional agencies are coming to appreciate the positive impact Video Visitation can have on recidivism rates. At the present time, 178 correctional agencies in the United States utilize the Securus Technologies Video Visitation system.


Over 232,000 downloads of the Securus Technologies Video Visitation application have occurred thus far. About 160,000 individual visits occur monthly with Video Visitation, which equates to about 2 million annually.


The number of visits via the Securus Technologies technology has been doubling on an annual basis. The CEO of Securus Technologies anticipates that the total number of individual visits using Video Visitation next year will top 4 million visits.


The Video Visitation system is also highly cost effective. Traditional in-person visitation costs about $100 per visit. Video Visitation is only $2.72 per visit.


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Susan McGalla Talks About Being Reasonable And Balanced

Balance and moderation is one of the most important aspects of business success. This is one of the reasons that Susan McGalla has experienced success. She is not only one of the most successful business owners in her industry, she is also a mentor that can give some advice that is practical and can be applied to life situations. One of the most important pieces of advice deals with being reasonable and balanced in life. Susan has taken the time to write about finding the right balance to move forward in life. These tips are the difference between truly succeeding and burning out.  Check


One of the most important tips for finding the right balance is avoiding perfectionism. This is perhaps one of the major downfalls for people who are trying to move forward with different goals. When one gets bogged down with perfectionism, he finds himself facing a lot of undue pressure. As a result, he may actually not really move forward with goals. The most important thing to realize is that even the most thorough business owners make mistakes. As a matter of fact, mistakes are important to make in that it helps people learn and grow. Therefore, perfectionism is actually an enemy to success.  More to read on

Another tip that people probably do not think about is turning off technology. In order for people to recharge themselves, they have to turn off technology. Otherwise, they will feel like they are always at work. If they can’t turn off technology, then they should at least turn off the technology they use for work. As far as technology for keeping in touch with others, this can be on at all times. However, one of the most important things to do is keep toxic interactions to a minimum. The most important thing to business success is preserving energy.

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Susan McGalla has made a successful career, and she has done it while learning a lot. One good thing about her career is that she has used the lessons that she has learned from her career moves to write different tips on this article. The tips she has written down are very helpful. People who follow these tips will increase their chances at success. One of the most important things to know about balance is that if there is one aspect of life that is off balance, then other aspects of life could be thrown off as well.



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EOS Lip Balm’s Meteoric Rise To The Top

EOS Lip Balm is the ultimate lip balm on the market today, and it has been for the past few years because of their growth in the millennial market and Target those in love with their favorite stars. Their rise to the top was not an easy one, and in fact, it took time and plenty of proper advertising in order to succeed for the long haul. EOS got started on the right path despite not actually having a following or even using that much advertising on the web.

EOS Lip Balm ( is the #1 advertised lip balm company in the nation, but it’s not because of what most people think. They didn’t advertise on television specifically, not to mention going all over magazines or newspapers. They utilized famous people in social media as Well and even those who are A-lists who can help them get on the right track. EOS Lip Balm utilized influencer marketing to get the word out about what they do and what they have to offer. They got those on YouTube and Instagram to spread the word, but it was in the eyes of the celebrities who helped them get the world on their feet.

Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and even Miley Cyrus were seen not just using it but also blatantly advertising it. They easily promoted it in specific ads, and it is very true that this company knows how to advertise and get people going.

With their nationwide popularity, it’s only time before they continue to share what they have to offer products on Walmart and Amazon in other categories. Hand lotions and shaving creams is just the tip of the iceberg on what they would like to do next. They want their rise to the top continue not just in chapstick but also in other categories apparently. They plenty more to offer.


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Susan McGalla: A Corporate Leader who Promotes Female Entrepreneurship

Susan McGalla is an entrepreneur from Ohio. McGalla is a graduate of Mount Union College and has a degree in the fields of business and marketing. Her husband, Stephen McGalla, is an executive and wealth manager.


McGalla’s advice to women


She encourages career women to learn how to balance their professional and family lives. In order to achieve this balance, McGalla urges people to utilize their downtime with relaxing activities. She also emphasizes that people should let go of their meaningless activities and replace them with physical exercises. McGalla also encourages people to review their tasks to assess their successes and failures.


McGalla’s work history


Susan McGalla first initiated her career in 1986 at Joseph Horne Company where she held various managerial positions. In 1994, McGalla secured a job at American Eagle Outfitters as a merchandise buyer, specializing in ladies’ outfits. She rose above ranks and was made the chief merchandising officer of the company and later president. As the senior executive officer of American Eagle Outfitters, she facilitated the launch of various brands, including the 77kids brands.


In 2009, McGalla ventured into the consulting business and worked as a private consultant for financial and retail investment firms. Towards the end of 2009, she became a member of the HFF’s Board of Directors. In 2011, she started working at Wet Seal following the retirement of CEO Ed Thomas. In 2012, McGalla launched her firm, P3 Executive Consulting. She currently serves as the head of creative development and business strategy at Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla is a former trustee of the University of Pittsburgh and sits on the Board of Advisors of the globally known Mount Union College. McGalla supports and sits on the board of Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation, a teaching and acute care hospital of the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center.




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Maggie Gill as a Successful Leader at the Memorial Health

Maggie Gill is one of the greatest leaders that Memorial Health has had in a while. Maggie joined Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) in 2004 where she worked as the finance and managed care vice president. Her promotion came a year later, and she became the center’s Chief Operating Officer. Memorial Health named Maggie Gill as its Chief Executive Officer in 2011. Maggie Gill’s leadership skills and qualities are felt throughout the facility.

All the vice presidents, senior assistant presidents as well as physical supervisors and leaders report to her on a daily basis. Therefore, Memorial Health management and leadership heavily depend on her. Maggie Gill is responsible for every physician and government relation, the Heart & Vascular Institute, and Memorial Health University Physicians (MHUP). She is directly responsible for the entire internal audit at the facility, orthopedic and neuroscience programs, financial assistance, trauma services and corporate communications among others. This means that she has to be devoted to her everyday leadership to lead the hospital in the best possible way.

Maggie Gill had served as the Chief Financial Executive at the Tenet South Florida Health for five years before joining Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC). She won the Tenet Outstanding CFO award on three different occasions. While working with Tenet, Maggie Gill served different facilities including Coral Gables Hospital in Coral Gables, Fla, Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah, Fla, and the North Shore Medical Center in Miami. She gained extensive experience serving in different capacities.

Maggie Gill studied at the Florida State University, attaining an honors bachelor’s degree. She later joined Saint Leo University, Florida for an MBA and graduated with honors. Maggie Gill did her studies at Wharton School and specialized in strategic thinking and management. When not in the office, Maggie Gill spends most of her time with her family.

According to the Memorial Health CEO, passion and ambition should be everyone’s driving forces for every individual. It is for this reason that she is always eager to pursue more professional opportunities. The company has benefitted a lot from Maggie Gill’s strong leadership skills.


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What Art Means to ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ Creator Doug Levitt

There are many reasons why people engage in art. Be it writing, acting, painting, sculpting, photography, landscaping, music, acrobatics and other forms of expression. Art consumers seek enjoyment or distraction or what others have termed as ‘the feel.’ But what do artists get by engaging and producing art? Is it the ecstasy of money earned or fame? What exactly drives a person to adopt an artist’s activities and lifestyle?


Doug Levitt has joined a long list of artists who quit regular work to pursue what they felt was their real passion and love. More notable was his choice to take to the road to explore firsthand the sights and sounds and the unspoken of America’s landscape. His career as CNN correspondent and foreign correspondent for among others ABC and NBC was ‘going well.’ But it had to come to an unannounced end.


Putting his journalistic background to use, Doug Levitt planned and executed his Greyhound expedition with resounding success. Just like the men and women who climb The Everest after years of planning, Doug was gathering the right tools and equipment for his travel. The project was big, as big as WPA’s in the 30s. A journey that would cover over 70,000 miles in a stretch of seven years across the United States would finally end in a beautifully crafted novel, The Greyhound Dairies. However, The Greyhound Diaries is not just a series of written material, but it also showcases music and photography by Doug Levitt.


By riding Greyhound Buses, Doug was able to encounter an America that is not represented in popular news, less so on social media.


Doug Levitt was born and grew up in metropolitan D.C. He recalls going to Public schools, participating in sports, singing in the gospel choir, growing up in a politically aware household and coming to terms with his father’s suicide. Levitt grew up with a natural attention to public issues and politics. He has his mother to thank for all the political lessons he received.


Doug Levitt is liberal-minded and that he was Wilson High School’s only Jewish kid on the gospel choir and that her mother was a DC Republican, fits the bill.




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Adam Goldenberg Offers Women The Chance To Find Themselves

Among the ways people can find themselves is through fashion. This may sound counter intuitive. For one thing, people have often associated fashion on Instagram with just outer appearance and that people should always look past the clothes to find the person. While this is true, it is also true that a lot of people factor in the clothes when it comes to their first impression of the individual. Fortunately, first impressions can be influenced. Therefore, people can put on the clothes they like and observe how people around them respond to them. There is also a reason why some people don’t want to wear their best looking clothes when they are in a low mood because of some tragedy.

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However, self expression through fashion can be a challenge for some people. One thing that is to be noticed about fashion is that there are a limited range of styles. People’s styles range further than fashion can go. This is one of the reasons that Adam Goldenberg has started TechStyle for the fashion industry. He wanted to make the plunge so that he can open the fashion industry to include more styles. After all, not everyone wants to dress like everyone else. Some people would like to dress in a way that they have never seen others dress.

With the brands of Fabletics and JustFab, women are given the chance to find themselves. They can also reinvent themselves when they find themselves tired of their old selves. Fabletics and the other TechStyle brands offer women a chance to find their fashion identity on After all, Adam Goldenberg’s company gives women the chance to influence the designs that are being brought forth. This approach is very successful because almost every item that is offered sells out.

Adam Goldenberg has managed all of this with his company and it is only online. This is no easy accomplishment. For one thing, some people find fashion tricky because of the different ways of sizing that companies use. Fortunately, TechStyle makes sure that people figure out their size before signing up. At the same time, Fabletics has opened up physical locations to allow customers to try on different sizes in order to find the right fit.


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Desiree Perez is a popular and fierce negotiator. Tidal needs that kind of reputation to stay on top of the game. Perez has an outstanding reputation and helped many musicians win awards. As the head of Tidal, she is transforming music streaming. There are many changes in the company’s management because of past inconsistencies.
Desiree ran SC enterprises, which negotiated artist Beyonce’s formation stadium tour. The experience garnered over the years in the music industry is invaluable. Now, she knows the ins and outs of the industry. She is achieving competitive advantage over others in the business.  Check for related articles.
Perez has an excellent working relationship with Jay-Z. With the help of her husband, she is running Roc Nations Sports. Tidal is top after the debut of Kanye West’s album – TLOP. The main competitors of Tidal include Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. However, it has quality and focuses on what is new in the industry. Most of its music includes those of famous artists like Rihanna, Kanye West, T.I and Beyonce.
Millions of users have already signed in Tidal in a period of a month. The number is still growing rapidly. Desiree Perez successfully negotiated Rihanna’s Samsung deal, and people know her as the boss with some calling her babe ruthless for her toughness.
There are talks of potential corporate buyers interested in the Tidal app. The streaming service has a high stance among young music consumers. Also, it is steadily building its lane in the streaming marketplace. Perez is launching new products like exclusive live performance (TIDAL X) and emerging artists (Tidal Rising). One discovery that has helped Desiree’s success is the focus on young generation.
The music-streaming founder Jay-Z, has undeniably influenced the success through his excellent relationships with fellow musicians. The service is seeing an increasing number of successful players joining. Perez hopes to make running the enterprise look natural. From its growth projections, she has revealed the company will be in business for a long time.


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Real Estate with Arthur Becker

Over time, real estate is one of the best areas to invest your money. There are many people who have made a fortune in this industry simply by investing and thinking about the long term. The great thing about real estate is that it is built to last. There are many ways to make money off of investing in real estate, and you will be able to thinking about the long term trajectory of your finances this way. Whether you want monthly cash flow or you just want price appreciation, real estate can help you accomplish your goals. Over time, you need to make sure you have a plan to keep your finances on the right track. Arthur Becker has had a great career investing in real estate, and learning from him is one of the best things that anyone can do.


One of the most important ways for you to advance your investing is to borrow money. There are many people who get into trouble by borrowing too much money based on their income. Before the last housing crash, a lot of people were borrowing money that they could not pay back. It is important to think about your plan for paying back the money when you decide to invest. A lot of people today only think about the ways in which they can invest for the short term. Arthur Becker teaches that real estate is all about the long term investment, and you need to remember that as you start looking towards the future.

Finding a Deal

One of the hardest parts about investing in real estate is finding a deal, reveals The real Deal website. Many people today are worried about all of the changes that are taking place in the economy. In many areas, Arthur Becker says that it is hard to find a real deal. The best thing to do is to conduct research and be patient. It is always best to let a deal go if you are not sure it is a great investment. On the other hand, taking action when needed is essential as well. These are all tips from Arthur Becker and his career.

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Comparative Law Expert Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is an area of the legal field that focuses on how legal systems of multiple nations compare to one another. When studying this area of law, a number of people will be in position to learn about the differences and similarities of legal systems. By studying comparative law, a number of individuals and organizations will benefit. Governments will have the opportunity to learn more about another nation’s economic policies so that they can find ways to benefit from international trade. Using comparative law can also help a number of businesses who are looking to expand operations to other countries. Lastly, comparative law is very beneficial to legal professionals who may need to travel to foreign nations to complete legal transactions. Therefore, comparative law provides a lot of valuable insight on international law for many groups of individuals and governments. Read related articles here.

When studying comparative law, an individual will learn about a number of things such as the nation’s constitution, criminal justice system and also the economic polices of a given nation. Studying the constitution of multiple nations provides people with insight on how a given nation is governed. This will often include how a given nation’s government is organized, their level of authority and also the basic rights that the citizens have. Learning about the criminal justice system is also important to know as it gives you first hand knowledge of legal rights and the nation’s penal system. Lastly, comparative law will give you knowledge about how the nation regulates business and its economy. Check this.

One of the most well known experts on comparative law is Sujit Choudhry. He has been in the legal field for many years and has held a number of prestigious positions. When he first began his career, he worked for the head of the Canadian Supreme Court. After this stint, he began working in the educational sector. Sujit Choudhry was a professor and eventually an associate dean at the University of Toronto. During this time, Sujit would learn more about comparative law and share his knowledge to his peers in the academic sector.

After serving as a professor and an associate dean at the University of Toronto, Sujit would move to the United States. When he came to the United States, he would be appointed as the Dean of the University of California Berkeley School of Law. With this appointment, he would become the 12 dean in the school’s history as well as becoming the first Indian American to hold this position. Once he served as the dean, he would continue studying comparative law and sharing his knowledge to foreign leaders. As a result, he has been able to help revise the constitutions of many nations such as Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Sri Lanka. Follow him at