IAP Worldwide Services: Versatile, Global Support

IAP Worldwide Service is a main supplier of global-scale facilities management, logistics, technical services and advanced professional services. With more than 2,000 workers in more than 25 nations around the globe, IAP Worldwide settle their private and public sector clients’ most requesting challenges. IAP Worldwide specialize in resolving problems both for the government and private […]

Olympic Valley Incorporation Effort Stalls

An effort to incorporate the Olympic Valley area was formally withdrawn in December by its backers. The withdrawal came after California’s Local Agency Formation Commission said the town proposed by incorporation supporters would not be financially viable. The Olympic Valley rests near Lake Tahoe and is a popular destination for tourists seeking to participate in […]

Eric Pulier’s Camp Gets Makeover

The Painted Turtle, an organization that helps children with life-threatening diseases come together and support one another, has recently gotten a makeover thanks to the efforts of several aerospace organizations, including staff members from Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Aerojet Rocketdyne. When philanthropist Eric Pulier first joined the camp’s board, he put considerable effort into […]

James Dondero Partners With Mary Jalonick To Streamline His Charitable Funding

James Dondero is a well-known figure in the alternate investment communities. As a co-founder and CEO of the largest alternate investment firm in the United States, he actively pursues innovative investment strategies that highlights his commitment to shareholders. However, the commitment goes beyond the average shareholder as James also oversees nearly $3 Million charitable funds […]