Handy Makes Life Easier for Me and My Family

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I love Handy Cleaning Services. This company has become one of the most successful cleaning companies around because it has given people the ability to manage their lives better. It is so much easier to just hire someone when it comes to cleaning. I have found this out the hard…

Flipora; the Discovery Search Engine Revolution

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As flowers blossom from the brightly colored garden, so do apps that seem to take over the ever blooming garden of software development. Society will never know privacy again as the world is embracing this new app that is being called revolutionary in search engines. Flipora is being called the…

Susan McGalla a Woman’s Advocate

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Susan McGalla is a successful businesswoman from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. She is one of the most respected names in the fashion branding business. She was born in East Liverpool, Ohio and attended Mount Union College her Alma Mater. Susan started her career at American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer….

Citadel LLC: Kenneth C Griffin

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The notable American hedge fund manager Kenneth Griffin was born on October 1958 in Daytona Beach Florida. Mr. Griffin is the sole founder and the current CEO of Citadel previously known as Citadel Investment Group, LLC. Mr. Ken Griffin has a whopping net worth of 6.6 billion as of May…

What Are the Basic Human Rights?

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Human rights are the basic and fundamental moral and ethical tenets that are applied to every living person just as a consequence of being a human being. These rights provide for the most basic dignities, guarantees of safety and security, and the recognition of personhood and independence. The modern human…

Off the Court: Businessman Takes the Lead

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While it’s not every day that a major basketball team is sold, Bruce Levenson and his group recently sold their NBA team the Atlanta Hawks to entrepreneur Antony Ressler for an estimated $850 million dollars. Levenson, a businessman and philanthropist, along with a group of partners, had originally purchased the…

Highland Capital Management: Investing with Confidence

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Ever since my parents bought me a piggy bank, I have been interested in money. They would pay my brother and my a couple of dollars a week as an allowance for doing our chores. Our parents thought that the allowance would teach us valuable lessons about earning and saving…

Secure Investment Banking, James Dondero A Great Role Model

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Investment Banking is when investors trust their money with an institution which directs their clients to buy securities in blocks. Investment banking does not happen at your local bank. These financial institutions are not found in local banks in your neighborhood. Investment bankers direct their clients and show them how…

All About the Apps

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When these iPhones have been unveiled to the public, one of the words that have been thrown around are apps. Many people may have been confused as to what apps really were. Even people that were computer savvy with knowledge of software may have been confused as to what they…

Investment Banking For Financial Success

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Investment banking entails the raising of capital. This is done through the act of purchasing financial instruments of a variety of types. These types of instruments can include hedge funds, stocks, annuities, and bonds. The wise financial manager will suggest to clients that they develop a portfolio that includes a…