Talk Fusion is Making Big News

The 2016 Communication Solutions Products of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation was given to Talk Fusion on August 15th. This is the second award this year to be rewarded the company.

This award is given to companies that improve upon their products related to video, voice, and data communications greatly within the last twelve months. Talk Fusion certainly met the credentials for this award with the revolutionary way that this product has grown, and created a fantastic way for companies and individuals to communicate with each other through video chat.

As Talk Fusion has grown in popularity it has become available on many of the popular internet stores for apps such as iTunes and Google Play. Using WebRTC technology, the program allows the user to communicate face to face with anyone using a variety of platforms, whether that be Mac, Windows, smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Talk Fusion says that they will continue to grow and expand both their companies and their product. Plans to make this product an all-encompassing Video Marketing Solution. They want to remain ahead of the rest of the market and push the concept of video marketing and communication.

To learn more, you can visit the Talk Fusion website and find them on your favorite social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.


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