Achievements of the Chicago-based businessperson, Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is an American businessman as well as the founder and the CEO of Mr. Fernando is the former founder and chief executive officer of Chopper Trading in 2002. His career began as a volunteer at Chicago Mercantile Exchange while still in college.

After graduating, he continued working at Chicago Board of Trade and rose to one of the highest positions in the company. He has used his expertise in running the companies he owns as well the organizations that he serves following his 25 years of experience in the global financial markets.

Raj Fernando grew Chopper Trading into a leading company in designing, implementing and managing communications, trading and monitoring of the security systems in the financial sector. The company traded on the CME, Nasdaq, LSE, ICE, Eurex and ICAP-Broketek with the help of more than 250 best engineers and traders globally.

In 2015, DRW, which is a trading firm in Chicago, purchased Chopper Trading from Fernando. In 2016, he launched Scoutahead with the aim of providing trusted information to individuals and companies.

Raj Fernando contributes to the works of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission to support their mission of creating competitive and financially stable markets. He participates fully in the industry and policy conferences and workshops in the country. Additionally, he was one of the speakers at the annual Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference in 2013.

He has vast experience in cyber security and has led various initiatives on the same for more than ten years. Mr. Fernando is on the Board of Directors for the American Security Project and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Raj is renowned for his charitable acts in Chicago, and U.S. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and PAWS Chicago and a supporter of Clinton Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago, and the Wounded Warriors.

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