Adam Milstein the hero for the Jewish community

Over the years, many Jews have suffered from lack of pride in their ethnicity. Many have faced bullying and shame for being Jews. There has been a constant struggle in the Jewish community. Only a small number have been able to stand up for their culture, practice the culture and take pride in it. Read more at Huffington Post about Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein, a known Jewish humanitarian, has recently published an article on the steps that the Jewish community can tale to safeguard their identity. He advises on the principle of confidence to openly practice their culture and tradition, pride in their ethnicity and identity as fellow human beings. He also stresses on resilience and consistency in the fight for their rights of identity, and finally, he encourages passion and courage in fellow Jews to learn more about their background and culture as well as the desire for continued knowledge.

Adam Milstein is a 66-year-old American who was born in Israeli. Hus father and mother both migrated from their original states of Argentina and Mexico respectively into The State of Israel. For a good part of his childhood and youth, he was raised in Israel. Adam Milstein went to school in institutions around the state, and when the time came for him to join the University, the Israeli government required that all the youth at that particular age serve the Defense Force of Israeli before joining the university or college. For this reason, he served in the forces for five years and later enrolled in Technion where he got his B.S degree in Business and Economics.



After graduating from the University, Adam Milstein worked joined the corporate world, specifically the real estate industry. For years he has been in the industry and currently works at Hager Pacific Properties where he is a managing partner. Other than his work at Hager Pacific, he is also the senior author at JNS where he published his article on advice to the Jews and an active philanthropist. Together with his wife, they own the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. The foundation is majorly focused on helping the Jewish community by educating them and providing education materials on their culture and sponsoring education for the youth in the community. Follow Adam Milstein on Linkedin.

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