Arthur Becker is an Artist and Successful Businessman

With a surprising interest in art, Arthur Becker has been very successful in real estate, and the buying and selling of tech companies. He was also married to the fashion designer, Vera Wang, for 20 years and had two children together, before getting divorced in 2012. He went to college for ceramics and photography, and he earned his B.A. from Bennington College. He later went to business school at Amos Tuck, in Dartmouth. He started his career through remodeling old 18th century houses, but soon found himself as CEO of two tech companies.

In the late 1990’s, Becker resumed his interest in art and decided to create photographic images with texture. In an article, written by Gabrielle Paluch, in The Real Deal, New York Real Estate News, Beckers’ real estate office is described as having a fully functioning art studio inside. Many of his paintings and sculptures are displayed inside. Paluch recognizes that his newest project, an eight unit luxury condo estimated to be worth $52.5 million, is located just down the street from his real estate office.

Arthur Becker worked as a stockbroker for Bear Sterns and began to buy tech companies in the early 2000’s, making himself millions of dollars in the process. His choice to work in real estate, instead of buying and selling tech companies, has come through the decision of wanting to be responsible for less people. Becker is proud of his involvement in the art, finance, tech, and real estate dealings he has been successful with. He is also still very supportive of his two daughters, and his ex-wife Vera Wang, who was recently awarded the highest honor in France, for her work as a fashion Designer. More details can be found on Crunchbae.

According to The Real Deal, not all of Becker’s projects have been successful. There were the binocular’s, called Bnox, that he felt people may not have liked for the complexity of the focus and width of the eyes. Becker enjoys his collection of ancient currencies from Cameroon and Nigeria, the cash bills made into popular origami shapes, and his gold bars that have been made into a sculpture portraying the game, Jenga. All displayed in his office.

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