Barbara Stokes, Volunteer Work and Modular Properties

Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC. has been hard at work since its 2008 launching. It’s a company that focuses on all aspects that pertain to disaster relief construction contracting. It calls Huntsville, Alabama its home as well. Green Structure Homes of Alabama just let the public know about its new FEMA contract. This contract isn’t only with FEMA, either. It’s also with the United States’ Department of Homeland Security. It exists for the construction of modular homes that aid in Hurricane Harvey relief matters. The $28,516,300 contract is going to come to fruition in March 2018. Green Structure Homes of Alabama is a tried and true business that makes properties that are the epitome of “cutting-edge” in quality. They put all kinds of interesting and modern safety elements on display. Engineering for these homes takes place in the company’s hometown, too. These residential properties can be fitting for people who have any interest in fire suppression systems that operate in fully automatic manners. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Barbara J. Stokes is Green Structure Homes of Alabama’s Chief Executive Officer. She regularly represents the company at events. She credits Mercer University as being the reason she knows so much about her vast field. Mercer University provided her with a well-rounded education that covered many critical topics. Her educational background covered manufacturing, thermodynamics, management, material structures, physics and biomedical engineering. She spent a lot of time getting into biomedical engineering and the world of science.

The people who work for Green Structure Homes of Alabama look up to Stokes. They see her as a talentedleader. Her approach to company leadership is so fluid and effortless. She knows how to help her company manage and take care of all kinds of tough situations. She knows how to help them make the best out of positive developments, too.


People who are aware of Stokes’ hectic schedule may be surprised to see that she actually has more to handle than they know. Her three wondrous kids can attest to that, too. Barbara Stokes goes back home each day to three adorable youngsters who need her attention. She has a caring husband as well. Stokes is a businesswoman who knows how to juggle work and career efficiently and thoroughly. When she gets a second away from work, she uses it to treat her family members with all of the devotion possible. She sometimes even does volunteer and charity work in the region. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

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