Clay Siegall, the Scientist Behind Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall is a great scientist who has spent a significant part of his life studying genetics and carrying out research about cancer. He is the Founder of Seattle Genetics, a firm that revolutionized the therapeutic world by introducing the ADC technology. Since its inception in 1998, Clay has been making great strides by establishing strategic plans to propel his company into higher echelons. Seattle Genetics has evolved from a scrawny start-up to a global research giant with offices in Switzerland and US. Currently, the company has about 800 employees, and more are expected to join by the end of the year.

Clay Siegall started Seattle Genetics with the aim of improving cancer treatment technologies and providing numerous treatment options to the cancer patients. Under the management of Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has developed over 20 antibodies-based cancer therapies, including the well-known drug, ADCETRIS.

Clay has also helped his firm adopt a rigorous prototyping process to ensure production efficiency and effectiveness. This ensures the resultant cancer treatment option is highly effective. For instance, ADCETRIS was subjected to a process that involved over 70 trials against different types of lymphomas before its release. Due to the strict processes, ADCETRIS was granted a rare approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2011. The exceptional scientist has also guided capital-raising activities at Seattle Genetics helping the company secure more than a billion through an overwhelming private and public funding.

Clay attended George Washington University and graduated with a Ph. D. in Genetics. He also attended the University of Maryland where he graduated with B.S degree in Zoology. After university, Clay started working with the reputable Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute where he served until 1997. He left the firm and held various senior positions with various pharmaceutical companies before working for the National Cancer Institute. Apart from Seattle Genetics, Clay is a member of the Board managing numerous companies such as Alder BioPharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company that also strives to revolutionize the therapeutic world. Besides his outstanding achievements, Clay is also a famous author and has written more than 70 scientific papers and book chapters.


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