Daniel Taub: Protecting the Jewish State

Between 2011 to 2014, Daniel Taub has served as the ambassador of the State of Israel for the United Kingdom. Hailed as one of the best diplomats ever, he only served for a short time. However, his influence lasted, and the people fell deeply in love with him because of his sincerity.

He is also one of those people who is showing his concern regarding the security of his homeland, and he is deeply disturbed by the fact that the State of Israel is facing common threats from her neighbors, especially Iran.

Iran has been in trouble with the State of Israel for thousands of years. They keep on threatening the Jewish State that they will be annihilating them if they would not stop with their plans of domination in the Middle East. Daniel Taub has been expressing his concerns about the fact that Iran can transform fully into a state armed with nuclear weapons.

He pointed out that the alliance of Iran over nuclear capable countries is troubling, and the State of Israel has to forge new ties with its Arab neighbors to stop Iran from advancing.

Iran signed a nuclear deal back in 2013, and Daniel Taub claimed that it is not enough to stop the nation from attacking them with its growing nuclear arsenal. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

What Daniel Taus proposes is a new alliance between the State of Israel and its traditional enemies in the Middle East. He stated that a coalition with the Gulf States would help them stop the plans of Iran to dominate the Middle East, and at the same time, protecting the State of Israel from any threats.

The people criticize this move, and the Arab Nations do not think that it is ever possible working with the Jewish State. However, Daniel Taub stated that they must work with them because the threat is growing bigger every day.

The Jewish State has been ordering some of its departments to monitor Iran thoroughly. They have been sending representatives to the United States, and they have been working with other countries to help protect the State of Israel from any attacks.

Daniel Taub is hoping that each conflict will end by talking because what he feared the most is a total nuclear war that could annihilate everything. Daniel Taub is not a fan of warfare.

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