Dick DeVos Backs Local Investments Through His Windquest Group

Dick DeVos is a name I have been aware of since his days as the CEO of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise that he brought a prolonged period of success to in the early 1990s; despite only heading the franchise from 1991 to 1993 I was impressed by the way Dick DeVos brought success to a struggling franchise. DeVos had already proven himself to be a success in his early days in a wide range of areas in the AmWay Group established by his father, Richard DeVos; devoting himself to the family business has not been the only aspect of the business life of DeVos, who has been working with his own Windquest Group for a number of years.


The Windquest Group has been a growing area of interest for both Dick DeVos and wife Betsy who have been looking to invest in a series of companies that catch their eye and reflect their interests. Dick DeVos has overseen a series of investments in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, including a local distillery that has seen an investment in its restaurant and tasting room following investment by the DeVos owned Windquest Group.


Dick DeVos may have entered a form of retirement following his decision to stand down from the Presidency of the AmWay Group, but I believe he is always looking for a good investment through the Windquest company. One of the major areas Dick DeVos began investing in many years ago were the alternative fuel sources he believes will become increasingly sought after in the coming decades.


After finding success with AmWay in the 1980s when he led an unparalleled growth in foreign markets that saw the share of the market rise to 50 percent of the overall revenue for AmWay, Dick DeVos became the leader of the company in 1993. I have always been impressed by Dick DeVos and his decision to lead AmWay for a decade before standing down as the President, as he made sure his leadership did not become stagnant or the company stand still.


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