Dr. AviWeisfogel Continues To Break Ground With Sleep Disorder Research

With over 20 years experience in dentistry and sleep apnea, Dr. AviWeisfogel is not only a beloved dental professional but also an expert in sleep disorders. Because of his extensive expertise, Dr. Weisfogel meticulously studies different strategies that would be best suited to treat sleep apnea. Although Dr. Weisfogel is based in New Jersey, he works tirelessly with fellow dentists from around the world.

It all started for Dr. Weisfogel after he received his psychology and biology degrees while at Rutgers University and then his DDS while at NYU towards the end of the 1990s. Shortly after graduation, Dr. Weisfogel opened his Old Bridge Dental Care practice where he excelled in his profession. Because of this, he became recognized for his tremendous leadership for which he became designated as Best Dentist in his area multiple times.

While working in his practice, Dr. Weisfogel began to study sleep dentistry. This allowed him to utilize his business skills to further his sleep industry research. Then, Dr. Weisfogel created Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010 to bring physicians together to share insight by using the health care distribution model that he created. Two years later, Unlimited Sleep Patient was formed that concentrated on giving many lectures on the process of how to reach out, find, and treat patients who are experiencing sleep disorders.

Then, Dr. Weisfogel created Dental Sleep Masters two years after. It was after Dental Sleep Masters came into being that paved the way for the collaboration of sleep disorder research and dentistry.

Although Weisfogel accomplished a lot, his timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The fact that his understanding was beyond comprehension would be an understatement as his knowledge of oral appliances allowed him to assist in the treatment of many sleep disorders. Dr. Wiefogel’s involvement has now allowed many more patients to be diagnosed with sleep apnea, and because of Weisfogel’s goal of Dental Sleep Masters has been fulfilled, future diagnoses can be made that be easily treated.

Further down the line, Dr. AviWeisfogel has made it his mission to continue with the advancement of medicine through his research and those of the medical community.

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