Entrepreneur Jason Hope Talks About The Challenges Of IoT And Cryptocurrency

You will admit that you cannot miss terms such as Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Crypto while browsing through most tech blogs these days. Experts note that there is a reason for this trend because estimations indicate that cryptocurrency value has increased to an excess of $100 billion. However, people have not been quick to jump into this trend. Surprisingly, JP Morgan Chase & Co. shocked many people during a conference that was presented by CNBC noting that the trend is nothing to go by and that employees who trade in it will be fired from the company. He further noted that since the currencies don’t have legal support, they will blow up and lead to losses for people who invest in them. Many people are still wondering if the digital currencies that are vast can remain secure.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a darling to many people in the tech world, though it has in the recent past been the subject of similar misgivings. Jason Hope, an Arizona based futurist, and entrepreneur are excited about IoT. Jason is excited about the viability of the technology because it is impacting the society positively. He has been for a long time advocating for the enhanced connectedness of devices that have the capability of connecting to other devices and the internet. As a result, Jason Hope is positive about the IoT, noting that gadgets designed with this new technology will offer their user’s convenience. However, Jason Hope, during an interview in February, acknowledged that the technology also comes with specific huge security risks. He further pointed out a recent incidence where IoT devices were facing increased attacks because they are more attractive to hackers due to their data-laden interfaces that are sensitive.

The Blockchain technology was first used in large-scale in 2009 when Craig Wright, an entrepreneur was launching Bitcoin. It is still the most popular and trusted form of cryptocurrency. The idea of Blockchain technology was to come up with a decentralized form of digital currency that is not tied to the bureaucracy related to traditional banks. Any individual can reach the transactions through an online ledger, such that a trader can record dealings the same way they use Google Docs.

About Jason Hope
Hope is a futurist, philanthropist, technology expert, and entrepreneur based in Arizona. Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale. He graduated from Arizona State University with a finance degree. Jason also holds an MBA from the school’s W.P Carey School of Business. Hope recently supported the SENS foundation that specializes in research and development of cancer treatment and anti-aging by donating $500,000. SENS Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is also researching rejuvenation biotechnologies because everyone wants to remain young.

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