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Innovative Healthcare strives to provide cost effective medical services for Medicare recipients to find affordable healthcare. Medicare services are available with advanced technology to fight poor health and to provide preventative care. They believe in a diverse medical society Medicare recipients should be able to have access to full quality medical services. InnovaCare Health has a network of providers including 7,500 primary care physicians serving thousands of patients. Medicare Advantage plans give you a choice of a group of medical providers and specialist. Their membership based program is available to all medicare recipients.

Medicare Advantage Plans
A Medicare Advantage plan limits your out-of-pocket cost with a monthly part B premium. This type of plan is for individuals that choose a private medicare plan. The government pays a fixed portion of your medical costs. A Medicare Advantage plan must provide of the services of Original Medicare plans, but at a different costs to the recipient under the private medicare plan. Rick Shinto M.D., MBA & President. And Chief Executive Officer of Innovative Healthcare and also Penelope Kokkinides Chief Administrator Officer are committed to excellent medical and practice services through their industry leading medical program.

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Practice Services With Innovative Healthcare
Practice services provide complete emergency and urgent care services. They have the option of refusing costs that aren’t medical necessary including hospice care. The advantage of a Medical Advantage plan is the extra costs for medical services like hearing, dental, vision, and wellness programs. An advantage recovery decision may be necessary to avoid out-of-pocket costs for unnecessary medical services. Contact your medical service provider to find out what medical services are offered under your Medicare provider plan.

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Surprisingly, Innovative Healthcare offers many practice services that include pre-screening, preventative medical treatment, medical supplies, a list of providers, and coverage through the Part A & B plan. You’re covered for many tests and exams covered under your plan. They provide services that allow you to talk with your doctor about certain tests and exams. Innovative Healthcare are the industry standard for quality Medicare services. More importantly, that your prescription drug costs are covered. Over 20 years of experience gives them the knowledge of providing quality affordable practice services and treatment to all their patients under the Medical Advantage plan. Visit their website for more details today.

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