Flavio Maluf: Family history with Eucalyptus and Eucatex

The Maluf family is quite well-known around affluential South American circles. From rubbing shoulders with politicians to the social elite, the Malufs have been no stranger to fame in Brazilian culture. But this is not quite the way that it always was for the family before the 1950’s. It all started with a man named Salim Malif who lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He bought the largest sawmill in South America in 1951, and called it “Sawmill Americano”. With this mill, he took a brave entrepreneurial step by harvesting and selling Eucalyptus wood to the country, continent, and eventually the world. In 1965, he was exporting 100 tons of wood per day and even shipping over to Europe. Eventually the company had to start thinking about sustainability and longevity, and because they did so they have today become known for their array sustainably-harvested and grown Eucalyptus products through their company “Eucatex”. Visit on his twitter for updates.

The Flavio Malufs sell all types of Eucalyptus-related goods, from acoustic and insulation board, to vinyl flooring, MDF, and even Eucalyptus oil-infused paints and varnishes. They are a non-chemical alternative to some of the horribly toxic products used in major construction stores such as The Home Depot. As a matter of fact, Eucatex (the family’s company) was the very first company to offer sustainably-harvested products to the United States in The Home Depot; this was back in 2001.

As of right now, Salim’s grandson Flavio is the head of the company as the CEO. He has been in the business for 30 years and has worked his way up from a simple trader and exporter, as well as production partner, to the corporate board room in 1996, and eventually in 2005 he became the leader of the pack. All of Flavio’s products are certified organic, and his love for the environment and ecologically harvested Eucalyptus products have no boundaries.

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