Francisco Domenech, Puerto Rico’s Shining Star

Francisco Domenech currently works as the Managing Partner at Politank. This Puerto Rico based firm aids its clients by helping them to navigate the laws and regulations governing business operations in Puerto Rico.

Mr. Domenech has a long record of involvement in Puerto Rican politics. For a time, Mr. Domenech served as the Chief Legal Counsel to the head of the Puerto Rican Senate. Due to his fine work in that position, Mr. Domenech was elevated to the position of Director of Legislative Services. In this role, Mr. Domenech was responsible for a staff of over 120 people, and the department’s budget was in excess of $12 million. Follow Francisco Domenech on twitter for more updates

Francisco Domenech has long been active in Democratic Party politics on the island. He has served as a delegate to several Democratic Party Conventions over the course of a number of years.

Because of Mr. Domenech’s many years of experience in the political life of Puerto Rico, it was only natural that prominent political candidates would seek out his help when operating campaigns on Puerto Rico. In 2008, Hillary Clinton was making her first run for the office of President of the United States. Mr. Domenech worked as then Senator Clinton’s Deputy Campaign Manager on Puerto Rico. He also helped the Clinton campaign raise funds throughout the Puerto Rican community.

When the 2016 campaign rolled around, Hillary Clinton once again sought Mr. Domenech’s help. This time, he served as the Campaign Manager on the island. He was able to help the campaign soundly defeat Clinton’s nearest rival Senator Bernie Sanders.

In addition to helping the Clinton campaigns, Mr. Domenech has worked on the campaign of Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon. Ms. Gonzalez-Colon was attempting to become the first woman who was ever elected to the position of Residing Commissioner. In spite of the fact that Ms. Gonzalez-Colon is a Republican, she is also a supporter of Puerto Rican statehood. Francisco Domenech shares this position, so he was willing to lend his assistance to help elect the first woman Resident Commissioner. With the help of Francisco Domenech, JennifferGonzalez-Colon was able to when election to the post.

Mr. Domenech continues to be active in both politics and philanthropy. In addition to working at Politank, he also assists the Clinton Foundation.



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