George Soros; the Legendary Philanthropist

George Soros is recognized as one of the most prominent humanitarians in the world. Mostly, he associates himself with Open Society Foundations, an organization that he has turned into one of the world’s leading philanthropic platforms. George has channeled close to $18 billion to the foundation, which is quite some hefty amount. Revealing information about the source of contributed money, Laura Silber, who serves as a spokeswoman of Open Society Foundations confirmed that the money comes from George’s personal account. It is also essential to appreciate that Mr. Soros is the chief funder of Central European University in Budapest. Under Soros’ able leadership, Open Society Foundations have been on the forefront of supporting needy persons from across the world. At the same time, they have been committed to improving equality and justice, a goal they achieve by funding organizations that are responsible for such causes.

Aspects That Trigger George’s Commitment to Charity

George was born in Hungary in 1930 and had to brave living through the Nazi occupation. Around 1944 and 1945, the country experienced its worst, and most people died during that time. George Soros was among the people who witnessed their neighbors face brutality and die helplessly. The Nazi occupation claimed lives of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews, which affected many families that lived in that era. George and his Jewish family were, however, among the lucky few who succeeded in forging papers to conceal their identity. Mr. Soros joined hands with his fellow Hungarian Jews, and acquired several false identity papers that they used to resist the evil forces that were after their dear lives. You realize that he had the spirit of helping others even at this time. Apparently, the experience stuck deeply in his mind, which could be the primary force driving him to fight injustices. Read more at CNN Money.

The Call to Philanthropy is Deeply Engraved in Soros

In 1979, George got an opportunity to exercise his patriotic duty where he started giving scholarships to black South Africans affected by apartheid. He continued funding scholarly visits to the West as he expanded his initiatives. George Soros also extended his benevolence to Africa, United States, Asia, and Latin America after the effect of the cold war. George Soros has never feared to raise his voice to condemn vices in the society. In fact, he was among the authorities that fought towards the realization of a free and open society in America.

In a Nutshell

George Soros has been consistent in fighting intractable issues that affect the world. His giving inclines towards making the world a better place for all. He believes that at no point should someone get discriminated against because of their identity. However, one notable thing about his affairs is that it calls for bravely. He understands that some of the problems he addresses are those whose complete solution may never be found, yet he remains in full pursuit. When you see the world becoming more equitable for everyone, it is because someone is working behind the scenes. Learn more about his profile at

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