GTL’s wrongdoing is exposed

GTL is a leading name in the prison communications industry. The company operates in several different states and they have posted great profits in recent years. Unfortunately, GTL has earned record profits by lying to prisoners, prison officials, and the American Public.

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Securus is a major GTL competitor. The firm has grown for years by offering great prison communications technology, and by acting with integrity. They have an amazing reputation throughout the industry, and they see themselves as servants of the American people. They expected everyone in their industry to act with a similar level of integrity, but they recently discovered that GTL had not been conducting themselves in an honorable fashion.

GTL had designed their system to maximize their profit without any concern for the morality of their actions. In Louisiana, they were found to have taken several harmful actions. The company regularly recorded calls as more than thirty seconds longer than they actually were. GTL also charged a slightly higher rate than they were legally supposed to charge. GTL even resorted to double charging prisoners for calls. Calls are relatively cheap, so their actions had gone unnoticed. Over time these small extra charges made an enormous difference. GTL managed to overcharge Louisiana taxpayers for more than $1,000,000. This is an enormous amount of money for a relatively small state.

Securus was shocked when they discovered GTL’s actions and recently as reported on PR Newswire they announced their intent to fully investigate GTL. They will look into every wrong action taken by GTL, and they plan to regularly issue press releases revealing the extent of their crimes. They hope that this exposure will shame GTL into taking the right actions.

Securus has conducted their business with integrity for years, see their BBB page. They want prisoners, officials, investigators, and taxpayers to trust them. They hope the entire industry will follow their lead.

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