Helane Morrison Working To Regain Public’s Trust in Market

Helane Morrison has worked in the financial sector in Northern California for years. She has worked both for the SEC and for a private investment firm. She has dedicated her career towards making investing safe and regulated for everyone. Her work has gone a long way towards regaining the trust of the general public when it comes to the market, especially for women and minorities.

Morrison currently sits as the Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners. She has been with the company in this capacity since 2007. Hall Capital Partners is a completely female run investment company. It is also one of the most successful investment companies in the state of California. Morrison joined the company in 2007 as a reaction to the housing market crash. She wanted to be a catalyst for a movement that helped instill trust in the market again for investors in Northern California.

Before joining forces with Hall Capital Partners, Morrison worked to help develop and enforce regulations for the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco. She was the head of the office in the city for 8 years. This office was the headquarters for the SEC in the state of California and 5 other states in the Northwest. Her role with the SEC was primarily enforcing trade regulations. This knowledge led her to move to the private sector as the Director of Hall Capital Partners.

Morrison has always believed in the market. Even after its crash in 2007 she wanted to make sure that the public still had trust for financial and investment professionals. She knew that she could be most effective towards this mission if she worked in the private sector. This, and the commitment to hiring women are what drew her towards Hall Capital Group. On top of her experience, Helane Morrison also has an impressive resume in education. She has a degree in journalism from Northwestern and a law degree from the University of California at Berkley.

Helane Morrison built her career finding and prosecuting those that using predatory or illegal practices when it came to investing. This is especially true during the crash of 2007. This crash was a result of some of the most corrupt practices in lending in history. Morrison was at the forefront of fighting these practices both in the courts and publicly. She always fought for the common man when it comes to the financial sector. This is why she is trusted as the leader of an investment company.

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