How Chopper Trading Identifies and Recruits Ideal Candidates

Recruiting the right staff is a challenging task given that employees have a direct influence on the quality and quantity of services and goods offered by a company. This process is critical to the companies engaged in trading of commodities and securities. With the intensity of duties and high levels of stress in the industry, a trading company needs to have employees that are both sharp and resistant to high-stress levels. In order to meet this need, Raj Fernando has developed a unique recruitment method for his company, Chopper Trading.

Unlike other firms that advertise posts and carry interviews, Raj employs a recruitment team approach. His team is made up of professionals. They are sourced from every department of the company. It includes traders, programmers, top executives, and professional recruiters. This team attends job fairs in America’s top schools where they talk to students and interview interested parties.

Instead of selling the company to the candidates in terms of salaries and quality of life among staff, the recruitment team focuses on painting the exact picture of life at the firm. This means that the team does not wear expensive suits, which are intended to create a good first impression. They don their ordinary work attires to the job fairs.

According to Raj, the recruitment process is tailored to ensure that individuals who are recruited into the firm stay with the company until they retire. Whenever an employee resigns from a given institution, such a firm incurs high recruitment and training costs. By having a rigorous recruitment strategy, Chopper Trading averts the demerits of high staff turnover. This information was originally published on SBN Online as provided in the following link

In attempts to improve the openness and communication between them and the candidates, the team does not limit the number and nature of questions that the latter can ask. This situation does not only help the candidates to make the right choices, but also aids the company to know them quickly. It also makes it easy to identify individuals that fit into the company and those that do not.

About Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is a successful entrepreneur and trader. He is the chief executive officer of Chopper Trading, a company that he founded in 2002. In addition, Raj is one of the founders of Scoutahead. This firm was incorporated in 2015. Raj is a proud alumnus of the esteemed Beloit College where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in Economics and History. This information was originally reported on Market Wiki as explicated in the link below

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