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Ian King – Thoughts on Federal Reserve

Ian King has the insight and aptitude to notice that the Federal Reserve’s strategy during the rate-hike cycle is a little suspicious. Why should we listen to Ian King? King has been in the financial industry for more than twenty years of experience in the financial industry; plus he is the Senior Analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing. So it isn’t surprising that when he speaks everyone in the financial industry pays attention. Follow Ian King on Medium.com.

King explains that typically the Federal Reserve tries to bounce back during this time, but this year it is not responding well or as assumed. King believes that the current head of the Federal Reserves has other plans; plans to keep the stock market in its current state or halt its acceleration by raising the cost of money. By doing this, the Feds can change how banks lending fees and charges will affect other banks and consumers. In other words, King believes the Federal Reserve may cause another Stock Market crash.

In order to understand Kings theory, investors will have to research into the past how this type of strategy has affected consumers and the financial world in general. Typically by controlling the cost of money, the Feds can affect how consumers spend and how lenders lend. If interest rates are high, consumers and bankers hold tight on to their money. By consumers spending less and bankers lending less, the economy slows down or stops all together. The end results are the market crashing and investors losing.

The bottom line is King wants investors and consumers to think about being cautious of these interest rate changes by the Feds. Interests rate changes can be a warning signs of major sell-offs in the near future. In addition, it could be a warning sign of the stock markets impeding instability or possible plunge. King will continue to watch and observe the trends during this rate-hike cycle to keep investors and the public well informed. Visit cryptoprofitsummit.com to know more about Ian King.

About Ian King and His Credentials

Ian King is renowned for his twenty years of experience in the financial industry. His current expertise is crypto-marketing. King uses his keen strategic planning to steer investors in the right direction when it comes to the new cryptocurrency market. His degree is from Lafayette College and he is the Founder of Intellicoins, a knowledge based cryptocurrency trading firm.

He is the Senior Analyst for Banyan’s crypto and bitcoin advising department. King has been a contributor to Fox Business News and many other influential institutions in the financial industry. He created and implemented the first crypto investing learning tool that is utilized by Investopedia Academy. His crypto multimedia project currently teaches novices and seasoned investors alike; the ends and outs of this new arena of cryptocurrency.

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