James Dondero Partners With Mary Jalonick To Streamline His Charitable Funding

James Dondero is a well-known figure in the alternate investment communities. As a co-founder and CEO of the largest alternate investment firm in the United States, he actively pursues innovative investment strategies that highlights his commitment to shareholders. However, the commitment goes beyond the average shareholder as James also oversees nearly $3 Million charitable funds that are donated to various non-profits in Dallas and vicinity. Whereas, Highland Capital Management operates on a global scale, the focus of charitable activities is local. For James, the local funding ensures that the Dallas based management can personally oversee the impact of their funding on local communities.

Perhaps, it was one of the primary reasons why James Dondero decided to partner with the Dallas Foundation to manage his charitable funds. The Foundation specializes in managing donation for some of the largest companies in the nation. Led by Mary Jalonick, the team at Dallas Foundation comprises of donor services experts who ensure that the funding has immediate impact on local communities. Accordingly, James explained that he is confident in the ability of Dallas Foundation because it is highly integrated in the North Dallas Communities.

Recently, James Dondero and Mary Jalonick spent a considerable time developing funding strategies for the new program. Both of the leaders agreed that the funding from Highland Capital Management should indicate bold, inspirational and effective plans that will offer immediate assistance to local nonprofits. As part of the broader strategy, the Highland Dallas Foundation was formed, which will act as a subsidiary of the Dallas Foundation.

It is notable that Dondero is a visionary when it comes to charitable giving as he has contributed heavily to important causes including veteran assistance, healthcare initiatives and local education projects. Besides, his company is also involved in supporting several civic organizations such as The Dallas Zoo, The Bush Presidential Library and The Perot Museum.

Mary Jalonick, the CEO of Dallas Foundation, also praised the vision of James as she highlighted that James believes in long-term assistance to nonprofits. In fact, this is the only way nonprofits can continue to focus on their charitable projects without thinking about how to raise funds for important projects.

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