Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions Helping People Live American Dream

Due to the city of Baltimore’s recent ups and downs in the housing market, real estate agents are searching for more ways to help individuals qualify for mortgages.

Financial leader Kevin Seawright is working alongside RPS Solutions to help potential homeowners realize their dream. RPS helps customers who have less than perfect credit qualify and have been turned down by other lenders. Seawright has a long and distinguished history in finance. He understands how home-ownership can change communities by giving people the opportunity to own their own home.

Seawright has worked both in the public and the private sector. His combination of business acumen and team inclusion has bolstered his career and put him in the unique position to help others. More about of Kevin Seawright at

Seawright says his goal is to make communities more diverse and safe.

After graduating from college, Seawright worked for Baltimore’s Parks and Recreation Department. He went on to secure several financial positions on both the state and federal level.

He learned about real estate during his tenure with Tito Contractors in Washington D.C.

Seawright has used his vast financial experience to watch cities grow and thrive. He earned a certificate in Executive Leadership from Notre Dame’s Mendoza Business School. Seawright generously donates his time to a number of organizations. He sits on the board of directors of the Baltimore Boys and Girls Club. He serves on the board of the Babe Ruth Museum, as well as the National Forum of Black Administrators.

Under the direction of RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright continues to make progress in the inner cities. A number of organizations have expressed their gratitude over the progress that has been made. It is the goal of the organization to match 23,000 homes with home buyers by 2019. Kevin Seawright says he is confident that he can reach that goal.

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