Many Turn To The Mighty Fortress Church Over The Beauty Of Traditional Churches

The Mighty Fortress Church is showing the people of Minneapolis they have little to be concerned about in terms of their own spiritual future as the beauty of some of the traditional and long-established churches in Minnesota have been rated for their beauty. Among those churches classed as the most beautiful in Minnesota is Freeport’s Church of the Sacred Heart located in beautiful Steams County where its small size and stunning lines continue to make this a beloved landmark.

When thinking of the classic design of a church one would normally think of the Italian Baroque style which is the style the Minneapolis Basilica of St. Mary was designed in; built in the early 20th-century, the Basilica remains the best-known Church in Minneapolis for its annual music festival. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

One of the most interesting landmarks in Minneapolis is the Lakewood Memorial Chapel designed in the style of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia. One would not imagine the transportation of the design of a beloved part of the skyline of the Turkish capital would work in the cooler climes of Minnesota but the 65 feet diameter dome has become one of the most impressive and beloved buildings in Minneapolis.

The beauty of the churches of Minnesota is a sign of the religious fervor the people of the region have maintained across many different periods of time; however, the Mighty Fortress Church is taking a more casual approach to bringing Christianity to the masses in the form of a church where appearance is rated second to the desire to live a Christian lifestyle.


Among the many reasons for the success of the Moght Fortress Church including its Senior Pastor Thomas Williams who has spent the last three decades seeking out the best in Christian missions during his time at this Minneapolis institution. Bishop Williams believes the community of Minneapolis is best served by the continuing good work of the Mighty Fortress Church in helping to preserve the physical and spiritual health of the people of Minneapolis.

Looking over the list of the most beautiful churches in Minnesota the formal setting can obviously be a reason for turning away from attending regular services but the MIghty Fortress Church is looking to alter the general view of church-going in Minneapolis. Visit to know more.

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  1. Personally, I don’t have any interest of how beautiful a church is but what I am interested in is to worship God when ever I go to the church. Though tells us how magnificent the architectural design of the church is, what we should be interested is that the church should serve its purpose which is not often the case.

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