Matt Badiali Freedom Checks are True Financial Freedom Symbols

Many people frowned, others wondered, while many remained dumbfounded by what the billionaire investor was up to when he was spotted showing off a fat check that bore the National Treasury emblem. The checks that he called Freedom Checks elicited a lot of debate on social media and in investment circles. It is clear that Matt Badiali isn’t known to be a joker. He is a renowned businessman that commands great respect among his clientele and fans. So, the million-dollar question was what the video really intended to achieve. Read this article at


The Root of the Matter


Being a shrewd businessman, he had to add some spice to the cuisine to help add a spark to his presentation. After much deliberation, members of the media went down on a research mission to find out what Freedom Checks were and whether they really existed. The truth is out, and the verdict is out there. The investigations reveal that sometime in 2007, the US Congress passed a bill into law. The law came to be referred to as Statute 26-F. The law was about encouraging companies operating in the US to invest more in the oil and gas exploration. The law gave a leeway for companies that meet certain criteria to operate without being subject to taxation. So far, there are 568 companies that have met the criteria. These companies issue Freedom Checks.



Master Limited Partnerships


Owing to the recognition by the US legislators that energy drives the economy, a bill was presented before Congress to encourage oil and gas exploration. In summary, the Master Limited Partnerships are companies that devote 90% of their resources towards oil and gas exploration including the transportation of the same. Such a company must also agree to distribute 90% of its profits directly to its shareholders. Once a company meets the set requirements, it is admitted into the Master Limited Partnership. The companies enjoy tax exemption but share most of their profits with the shareholders. What Matt Badiali meant by Freedom Checks is the rationale behind investing in Master Limited Partnership Companies. The returns from such investments are better than any investment made into government-sponsored programs such as 401(k). Citizens will enjoy financial freedom when they invest in such high-yielding companies. Therefore, it turns out that Matt Badiali wasn’t really crazy after all. It was his way of drawing faster attention to what he thinks is an investment opportunity that his fans can grab. He says he stumbled upon the provisions of Statute 26-F following his access to inner secrets among the oil and gas exploration companies. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

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