Preventing Violent Crimes Using the Securus Technologies System

Inside a jail could possibly be the most dangerous job on the planet. Every day that me and my fellow corrections officers show up for duty, we know that one violent attack from inmates and we could be in serious trouble. These inmates have nothing but all the time in the world on their hands, so they are looking constantly for weaknesses in the system they can use to their advantages. My job is to make sure that I tighten up the facility so it runs smoothly.


Securus Technologies recently installed their modern call monitoring system in our jail so we can better listen in to what the inmates are talking about on the phones. This company CEO, Rick Smith. says that his Dallas-based company has 2,600 systems installed in jails around the country and all his employees work toward one objective of keeping the planet safe for all of us. Once I was trained to use the LBS software, we began to see how the monitoring system would easily do the work of several corrections officers, allowing us to spread out our resources to cover more ground.


The first few days of using the system we already had huge results. One call revealed how an inmate had been taking small pieces of metal from the auto shop to make a weapon he was going to use on a rival gang. Another call we discovered where inmates were hiding weapons outside in the yard to grab in a seconds notice. We even discovered one inmate had been getting all sorts of drugs in through the visitor center by way of his family. Each time we discovered an incident, we quickly dispatched a team to take care of the matter so that we could tighten up the overall security in our facility.


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