Stem Cell Therapy Is Changing Lung Disease

The Great Breakthrough

Stem cell therapy is one of the most discussed topics in medicine today. Potentially, stem cells could usher in an age of regenerative medicine and revolutionize the way we fight disease. Thanks to the work of the Lung Institute, we are now much closer to that reality. With the assistance of stem cells, the Lung Institute is now treating a number of its patients with stem cells to treat some of the most serious chronic lung diseases today.

How Stem Cells Fight Lung Disease

Stem cell therapy essentially relies on the body’s natural processes to cure disease. Stem cells, the medicine used in treatment, are cells the body produces without any specialized purpose. Therefore, stem cells can turn themselves into any cell the body needs for the purposes of repair and growth. This makes them perfect for the treatment of diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. By deriving stem cells from the blood of the patient and injecting them into the lungs, the physicians can cause the body to heal itself on its own. Ultimately, stem cell therapy leads to better and less invasive treatment options for chronic disease. More information on stem cell therapy available at

The Difference It Makes

The impact of stem cell therapy on the lives of patients is astounding. Chronic lung diseases are often debilitating and patients are often forced to change their entire lifestyles in order to accommodate them. For instance, a patient suffering from COPD may need to carry around an oxygen tank in order to function. With the help of stem cells, the lungs of a COPD patient can recover so well the patient will live “normally”. This means the patient will find previously difficult activities, such as running or walking upstairs, possible.

The Future Of This Medicine

The work of the Lung Institute is redirecting the course not only of lung disease, but of medicine in general. Regenerative medicine is one of the greatest hopes in the history of humanity. This news from the Lung Institute means we are one step closer to finally achieving that dream.

More information about the innovative, pulmonary stem cell treatments available at their website, or on Facebook.


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