The Giving Life of George Soros

George Soros is an American liberal who believes in funding the right causes that serve for the good of the people. Having funded the Democratic candidates in the past, Soros was at it again and at different levels. He funded the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. Some of the issues that he looks at before funding include the candidate’s stand on several issues that are limited to criminal justice reforms, religious tolerance and the immigration reforms on Time. During the last year’s presidential election, Soros is estimated to have used over $ 30 million for these causes. Owing to that George Soros is $30 billion rich, this is just a small portion of his wealth.

He has been involved in local enforcement politics and ones that involve defeating district attorneys who refuse to subscribe to his school of thoughts. For instance, he recently made large donations to defeat the sheriff of the Maricopa County that is found in the state of Arizona on Biography. In this race, he made donations to defeat Arpaio. He is not the only billionaire who made these donations as Laura and John Arnold from Texas also made donations to this campaign. Donations also came from Laurene Powell Jobs. Just like in the Clinton campaign, whenever Soros makes a donation of any kind, it’s usually followed by donations from other billionaires.

Other than the Maricopa County, Soros has made contributions in other counties such as the Gilpin and Jefferson Counties that are found in Denver. He has also spent some of his money in helping defeat an attorney general who goes by the name Bill Montgomery. George Soros has been involved in the defeat of Arpaio who opposes immigration and criminal justice reform. According to a source close to Soros, he says that he want to do away with smaller issues that are going unnoticed in this county including rapes, child molestation and assaults. Soros even accuses this guy of using the fame he has received of late to his personal gain.

According to the spokesman of George Soros, Michael Vachon, Soros feels that this gentleman has been oppressing the human rights in this county for several decades while at the same time abusing his office. The sheriff has also appeared on TV and made poisonous remarks about the issue of immigration in the USA. George Soros has always stood for democracy at different parts of the globe. He recently intervened for Ukraine asking the European Union to stop Russia from invading Ukraine. He also urged the EU to impose some tougher sanctions against Russia. He didn’t stop here as he continued to urge the international monetary fund to assist Ukraine with donations to make the country reconstruct itself.

After the defeat of Hilary Clinton in the presidential race at, Soros and other rich billionaires decided to convene a three-day meeting in Washington DC. The main aim of this meeting was to discuss the many issues that appeared at the past presidential elections. Soros funded the fall Western European communism and the dictatorships that followed. He also funded students in South Africa in their struggle against apartheid.

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  1. I think anyone can see from afar that the life of George Soros presents a person of humanity and passion to see to freedom. Though makes it easy to have other sides of the divide in opinions about persons like him. It may be interesting to see the opinions about the persons and political supporters and have a fair review.

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