The Oil of Cotemar

There are five major oil companies available today. Founded in 1979, Cotemar is a Monterrey, Mexico-based company that specializes in oil and gas services like offshore oil field development, maintenance, and construction. They also offer maritime support operations, catering, accommodation, and transport. Pemex has been their primary customer for more than 37 years. Although they have always been of the highest quality, they are not ever content to remain at the status quo. Cotemar are ever striving to perfect their services and procedures.

There primary platforms are in construction, modernization, maintenance, engineering, specialized vessels, maritime support, accommodations, and catering. All of Cotemar’s projects are girded with the very latest in state-of-the-art technology. They are also known as a consistent, honest, and ethical company that always remains accountable to its clients. Cotemar only employs individuals who have a strong desire to please their customers. As a company, their commitment is to the customers, partners, employees, shareholders, government, society, and competitors. The management of Cotemar are confident that the leadership they have now makes for the best possible team and meets the company to ideal international, legal, and regulatory standard.

In recent years Cotemar has been extremely fortunate to be headquartered in Mexico since so many oil wells have recently been discovered throughout the country. At present, Cotemar employs more than 7,000 workers of all kinds. The immensely successful company brings in more than $600,000,000 per month. Cotemar also boasts tip-top environmental regulations compliance. In addition, all of its employees are expected to themselves fully comply with environmental protection and pollution policies. With Cotemar’s vast experience and commitment to excellence in every imaginable way, they are confident that they will continue to move upward. All signs point to them being right on the money about that. And they are probably right about that.

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