Traveling With A Carry-On Bag


Whether you’re flying in a plane or traveling by car, you probably have a small bag with clothing and essentials that are separate from the items in your suitcase. Wengie reveals what’s in her bag when she travels on a plane. She also offers a few tips as to what can be taken on a plane and what should be left at home. A plain backpack with straps is ideal so that you have your hands free. Sometimes, your luggage can get heavy if you only have a shoulder strap. When you carry a backpack, it also allows you to film your trip from the time you arrive at the airport to the time you land.


The first major thing that you should keep with you is your laptop and a charger. You don’t want this to stay in your luggage in case your suitcases get lost or damaged. Another thing to include is a travel wallet. You want one that is sturdy and that has plenty of room for all your documents, cards, boarding passes and vital information pertaining to your trip. A small cosmetic bag can be included in the carry-on bag. If you have a clear bag, then you can usually get through security a little easier. Wengie carries small bottles of makeup, lotion and soap. Skincare samples are ideal in this situation as they are the perfect size to fit in the bag and you can take the amount that you need instead of a larger bottle of an item that you might not use while on the trip.

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