Why John Goullet is the Best Choice for Diversant

If you’ve ever wondered why Diversant is so successful, it’s due in part to Principal John Goullet. All those in a position of “principal” have come from various backgrounds, most of which are extensive in the world of business. What you may or may not know, is that John Goullet is one of the most experienced in the area of IT staffing, and that’s exactly what Diversant does.

Goullet’s founding of Info Technologies was his first testament to success in the world of technology. Having served as the CEO of the company, he knew what to expect and how to lead his company into success. Goullet’s very first job was working as an IT consultant, which laid the groundwork for his success with Info Technologies and later his role within Diversant. He also works as account executive, in which his role was to bring clients on board to buy their services.

His desire was to learn the corporate structure of an IT company inside and out in order to help him rise to success in all areas of his life and business. Goullet understood that in order for him to be a leader he needed to increase his understanding of the marketplace and how the company made their profits and paid their leaders.

Today, Goullet serves as the Principal of Diversant, the IT staffing company. After having grown Info Technologies into the millions of dollars, Goullet is certain that he can help Diversant do the same in the world of IT staffing.

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